About Nesreen Tafesh

She was born in Aleppo city in Syria 15-2-1982 for a Palestinian father with Saudi origins; the poet and author Yousef Tafesh (born in Safed) and an Algerian mother (born in Wahran.)

Her maternal grandmother was Moroccan from Tafilalt city in south east of Morocco. Nisrine comments on her diversified lineage and says: “The unique diversity in my genetics made me look at all countries, races and peoples through lenses of affection and compassion. Thus, I broadened my perspectives as to self-elevate and rise above bias against and fundamentalism for any ethnic, ideology or nation. We are all human beings working with the same universe energy pool that God created in us. So I’m an Arabic and Eastern mixture, and this is nice. However, my first and ultimate pertinence is to the humanity wherever it exists.”

Nisrine is the youngest of seven siblings. She moved to the Syrian capital city, Damascus, in 1999 to start her creative journey academically at the High Institute for Theatrical Arts in Damascus. She’s learned from the best instructors at the institute, which is considered one of the most important and established dramatic arts academies in the Arabic world. Among its prominent instructors with renowned names are: Jamal Suliman, Daleh Mamdouh Al-Rahbi, Ghassan Massoud and Fayez Kazak.

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