Nesreen Ttafesh

an arab actress
-syrian palastinian algerian –

She was born in Aleppo city in Syria 15-2-1982 for a Palestinian father with Saudi origins; the poet and author Yousef Tafesh (born in Safed) and an Algerian mother (born in Wahran.)
Lives in Dubai from 2009
Her maternal grandmother was Moroccan from Tafilalt city in the south east of Morocco. Nisrine comments on her diversified lineage and says:

“The unique diversity in my genetics made me look at all countries, races, and peoples through lenses of affection and compassion. Thus, I broadened my perspectives as to self-elevate and rise above bias against and fundamentalism for any ethnic, ideology or nation. We are all human beings working with the same universe energy pool that God created in us. So I’m an Arabic and Eastern mixture, and this is nice. However, my first and ultimate pertinence is to humanity wherever it exists.”

Nisrine is the youngest of seven siblings. She moved to the Syrian capital city, Damascus, in 1999 to start her creative journey academically at the High Institute for Theatrical Arts in Damascus. She’s learned from the best instructors at the institute, which is considered one of the most important and established dramatic arts academies in the Arabic world. Among its prominent instructors with renowned names are: Jamal Suliman, Daleh Mamdouh Al-Rahbi, Ghassan Massoud and Fayez Kazak.

First works:

Nisrine has started her artistic path with big names; after a small experience the first year at the institute with the series Holako directed by Basil Al Khatib, she’s got the golden opportunity to launch her genuine career and actual reputation. It was an occasion to work along with great art makers in the series Rabia Cortoba (Cordoba’s spring.) She played the lead female role with the character of sultan Subeh, wife of Caliph Al-Hakam.)

The work was directed by the renowned Hatem Ali and written by the great writer Dr. Walid Saif. She stood before her then instructor Jamal Suliman playing the Caliph Al-Hakam, and she turned heads with her exquisite performance when she was still a second-year student at the Institute of Theatrical Arts. Since then, she’s been swarmed with offers that took her away temporarily from her studies. She accomplished significant roles and later went back to finish her studies quitting acting for two years. She graduated from the institute in 2008 and resumed her creative journey.

Television works

  • 2002Holako
  • 2003 Rabia Cordoba (Cordoba’s Spring)
  • 2004 Abu Zayd Al- Hilali (the princess Saada Bint Azinati), Ahlam Kabira (Big Dreams), Rijal tahta Altarboosh (Men Under the Tarboosh), Ataghriba Alfalastinia (The Palestinian’s Emigration)
  • 2005Karn Almaaiz (The Goat’s Horn), Rijal w nisaa (Men and Women), Ahkad khafya (Hidden Grudges)
  • 2006Sada Arouh (The Soul’s Echo), Douat ala abwab jahanam (Missionaries at the Doors of Hell), Alintizar (The Wait), Ala toul al ayam (Throughout the Days), Ahl Alghram 1st episode (Holders of Passion)
  • 2007 Fajar akher (Another dowen)
  • 2008Dayaa dayiaa (A Lost Village)
  • 2009Hikayat Alghouroub (The Sunset’s Tales), Tarik anahil (The Bee’s Road), Bait jaddi (asham aladya) (My Grandfather’s House), Founjan addam (The Blood’s Cup), Sabaya 1st episode (Young Women)
  • 2010Bukaat dawaa 5th and 7th episodes (Spot Light)
  • 2011Assarab (The Mirage), Jalsat nisaaya (Women’s Gatherings)
  • 2012Banat alayla (The Girls of the Family)
  • 2014Elekhwa (The brothers), Halawet Rouh (sweetness of the soul)
  • 2015Fe zourof ghamda (Under mysterious circumastances), Al Arab (The godfather), Alf Lela w lela (Thousand and one nights)
  • 2016Al Tawarid, Madraset El Hob (School of love)
  • 2017Shbabeik (Windows), Shawq, Al Aaqab w Al Aafra (Punishment And Evil)
  • 2019Maqamat Al Aashiq – Ramdan 2019

In theater

  • TheatersAloumyan (The Blind), Alaours (The Wedding), Anafaq (The Tunnel) and Kaza inkilab (Many Coups d’état) staged by the renowned actor Bassam Koussa.

In cinema

  • 2013The movie 33 Yauman (33 days)
  • 2019The Egyption movie *Nady El Regal El sery* (Secret men club)

In singing :

Nisrine is endowed with a beautiful voice that she refined by training and performing in her dramatic works. She’s presented Inti ahla (You Are More Beautiful) with the Syrian famous band Kilna Sawa and the stars Amal Arafa and Basil Al Khatib. The song aims to endorse the ministry of environment’s campaign in 2010 to preserve nature from pollution.

Nesreen Ttafesh

Nisrine Tafish is considered the first and only Arabic actress to establish a diversified family magazine under her name Nisrina (the white rose); the singular of Nisrine (the white roses.)

The magazine was a hit and distributed in Syria and Lebanon before it stopped at her peak due to the agonized events in Syria. The articles and features triggered enticement and positive energy. She’s meticulously chosen the magazine’s motto based on her belief in women’s causes in the Arabic society. She sensed her role is to awake and encourage women to achieve happiness and success under the slogan (Youthful, Modern and Invigorated.)

In her leading editorial, Nisrine wrote:
Stay always: youthful, modern and invigorated.
Youthful: as you are a free spirit that doesn’t age.
Modern: for you are upbeat and abreast.
Invigorated: as you long for tomorrow carrying love, happiness and peace.

She learned in many professional workshops from the late author Dr Ibrahim Alfiqi, the pioneer in personal development in the Arabic world. So she adores the science of energy, NLP (natural language processing) and spirituality. She immersed herself until she got a certificate from Dr. Ibrahim, who encouraged her to take care of her writing gift.

Nisrine is currently working on a book under self-help genre. It revolves around developing positive energy as a continual objective that she’s started in her magazine to give a helping and loving hand to all women so they can reach happiness, success and inner peace.Nisrine loves reading, writing, dancing ballroom dances (tango, cha-cha, waltz, foxtrot and rumba), playing piano and singing.


  • 2017Metghayar Alyai, 123 Habibi
  • 2018Ella Maak
  • 2019Ashiga, Areed Artah,Album El-helwa : 1- Elhelwa 2- Ahla w sahla bel ahbab 3- Mo sedek hobbak 4- Najma kotbya 5- Shouqi 6- Nazra la einy 7- Aal hob rouh w salemli
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